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Excerpt #88 from a Book I’ll Never Write 

July 11, 2017

Choosing one major doesn’t define what you can or will do. Demetrius, a Philosophy Major and Theatre and Performance Minor, shares “an excerpt from a book he will never write.” Follow your passions. Write, even if you’re not in the Creative Writing program. Film your documentary, even if you’re not in the Film BFA. If there’s something that’s common among most Purchase students, it’s this: their majors don’t define them completely. They have many passions that they make room for in their lives inside and outside of the classroom.


by Demetrius McCray

“The leaves don’t grow, the grass is fading, the beach is just flooded with glass, the house is falling into a beautiful state of being!” she exclaimed.

He looked at her pale face and felt his skin crawl. He knew he would have to pretend to be one of them, but he didn’t know how hard his stomach would turn at the day to day acts of corruption. Her smile was as wide as her ego and she opened her arms to show her satisfaction like the vulture she is. He bit his tongue to refrain from his true response.

“It’s lovely, I’m astonished by how quickly you can work. I wish to be at your level one day, I truly do.”

He forced a smile.

“Oh don’t be so down on yourself! You’re just as efficient as I am, don’t think I haven’t felt that brain of yours at work constantly, picking up on every little thing about me.”

The air became as thick as the darkness that harnessed to his soul. He wanted to scream, she was the embodiment of the destruction that laid waste to his childhood.

“That anger you feel for me. It’s good. It’s how I became a corruptor myself. We all think we’re so unpredictable until we come across someone who was or is us.”

He bit his tongue again. How could she know?! He never slipped up once in the slightest sense…or did he? 

“Now, wipe that shocked look off your face and tell me what they said your plan is. I’m a general in the insurgency and I’m ordering you to tell me exactly what the captain told us to do to the T.”

He couldn’t speak. We? She’s with us? He thought…