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Autumn’s Declassified Spring Survival Guide

April 13, 2017
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by Autumn Blazon-Brown

Say goodbye to winter! As the weather warms up, the students come out of hibernation and begin to trickle out of the residence halls. We all look forward to putting on our shorts and shades; we can’t wait to be hanging on the Great Lawn with our guitars and our hammocks. The sunshine reminds us of summer days, and I mean, we’re all excited for summer, right?!

Well, let’s pause for a moment. In order to make it to summer, we have to survive the final weeks of this spring semester. It’s tough to stay motivated in the last month, but here are some tips to help make the transition to summer smooth sailing. If you’re an accepted student reading this post, these tips are for you, too! Don’t let the warm weather and acceptance letters give you a classic case of Senioritis!

  1. Strike A Balance: Spring is very distracting for all of us on campus, and it’s easy to procrastinate in order to enjoy the nice weather. There are a ton of different spring events happening, like Culture Shock (our awesome multi-day music festival and carnival), that drag you away from your studies. But don’t procrastinate too much! You don’t want to be scrambling during finals week to finish those research papers that were assigned at the beginning of the semester. Find ways to balance work with play; create a schedule with designated time slots, and adhere to them! You’ll thank yourself come finals week. Plus, you’ll not only get your work done but you’ll also enjoy the events and warm weather guilt-free knowing you’ve budget your time for both.
  2. Dress to Impress In The Practical Sense: When it starts to get warm after a long winter, we often get excited and too eager to break out the summer clothing. But just because today was 70 degrees and sunny does not mean that weather is here to stay. Keep an eye on the weather channel (or your fave weather app) and dress appropriately. This will keep you from getting sick and missing out on the important last few weeks of class.
  1. Allergy Alert: April showers bring May flowers…and a whole lot of pollen. Prepare yourself for allergy season by stocking up on tissues and allergy medication, if it applies to you. Again, look at the weather channel to get the pollen count; if the pollen count is high, maybe you skip playing frisbee with friends that day to stay in to study.
  1. Keep Your Eye On The Prize: It’s easy to slack off at the end of the semester. You’ve been working hard for the past 3 months, and you really just want it to be over so you can relax. But don’t give up, you’re almost done! Remind yourself of the reasons why you’ve been working so hard in the first place. We are all striving for the college success story, so help your future self reach that goal by pushing through, all the way until finals week. It will all be worth it in the end, I promise.