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My Friends Do Music and Play at the Stood

October 02, 2014

by Izzi D.

I have a lot of musician friends, and all of them at some point play at the Student Center (aka The Stood)

ALICE LIMOGES and her band recently completed an awesome summer tour; her new album is coming out soon this fall. Her knack for insightful lyrics and soothing voice really hit the spot.

ALLAPARTUS, a punk/rock band recently released an album Fides//Fatum. Bandmates, Adam and Kurt also host “Allahour”, a music and talk show on WPSR, the campus radio station.

LAUNDRY LEAGUE– The synthpop/deampop/shoegaze/totes amaze music of Dani Lamas

ADULT MOM – Steph Knipe doing their best to make the world a radder place for all. They’re not only making waves in the music community, but is also the (best) Stood Coordinator (ever) for 2014-2015.

NINE OF SWORDS– Rachel, Chris, Jack and TJ, rippin’ it up and making awesome punk tunes.

PEAER– Peter Katz and company write slow and steady jams, much to the delight of studio audiences.

LIZ VACCA– acoustic (for now) self producing music to blow your little minds. Liz’s music makes you feel things you forgot you could feel.

(and now I will shamelessly plug my own band.)

SKATEBOARDS! – twee pop punk with a twist of angst and just a dash of extreme sports, the duo has an EP coming out later this fall. :)