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Giving Myself Room to Choose My Major

April 18, 2017
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by Zaire Anderson

When I entered Purchase in the later part of 2015, I was sure I wanted to be a Painting and Drawing major. Painting was my concentration in high school and I’d been painting since middle school, so it just seemed like what I was destined to do. Once I actually started classes at Purchase, however, everything changed.

I took a sculpture class and I wanted to be a sculptor, I took a painting class I wanted to be a painter, I took a printmaking class and I wanted to be a printmaker! There were so many options (how could I possibly pick one thing to focus on for the next four years of my life!) I was completely at a loss, so I sort of decided to float for a while and take classes that interested me.

I took more sculpture classes, more print classes, and more painting classes. To my surprise (given my background), I found myself becoming less interested in painting, which was my passion coming into Purchase. I fell completely out of love with sculpture, and dived right into printmaking. I was so attracted to printmaking because it was something I wasn’t completely versed in. I had taken print classes in high school but I never really got into it at the time. But now I was giving myself the chance to get into it.

With my sophomore year coming to a close and freshly changed major, I couldn’t be more satisfied with where my college path is taking me.

Choosing a major is hard for a lot of people. For me it wasn’t at all clear (and only just became so a few weeks ago). My suggestion for those struggling with what to study is to take the time to float, if you can. There’s no need to follow whatever path you carved out for yourself when you were between 14 and 18. Allow yourself the capacity for change and growth.