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YikYak Mayhem

October 29, 2014

by Giancarlo Montes

Social Media is all fun and games, right? The years of MySpace, Formspring, and maybe even Facebook are over and a new platform is being introduced; Yik Yak. The smart phone app was originally intended to be used as a virtual bulletin board for college students. Anything productive that could’ve been achieved with this, went down the drain as soon as the app was released. How could the creators have guessed that college students would use this anonymous feed to berate their peers? They should’ve. Often the comments are mundane observations for their classmates about what is going on around them. They could include harassing messages, answers to tests, sexually explicit comments, hate speech, or bomb threats. Schools in Chicago and elsewhere have sent letters home to parents, educating them about the app, and imploring them to see to it that it is removed from their child’s phone. As a demographic, we’ve decided to use YikYak in this way, however SUNY Purchase’s response is different than that of most students.

Here are some example:

“Kinda wish I had more time witchu”

“That girl in the bunny suit? Can I just hug you?”

“We should’ve had a colonial day”

“Why isn’t it herding yaks instead of getting yaks? Seems silly”

“My dad is bald and I’m just wondering how far he goes up when he washes his face?”

This is a perfect summary of Purchase student life. We’ve taken this tool and used it to share beautiful thoughts that we feel need to be shared. Of course there is the occasional negative comment but the majority of the feed is filled with blurbs from the minds of Purchase students. It speaks to the nature of our school and the intentions of the students. We’re here to learn and grow and observe, not slander our classmates.

We inspire each other to think.

I have honestly never thought how far up my dad goes when he washes his face. But as soon as I’m done writing and submitting this, I’m calling him.