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Freenew: “It’s Free and New to You”

November 19, 2014

by Danielle DeMaio

At the end of my sophomore year my roommate started FreeNew with a few other students as a part of a Sociology class project. FreeNew “It’s Free And New To You” was inspired by the incredible amount of items that students throw away at the end of each year. To prevent this, FreeNew purchased large, secure storage units and placed them around campus, encouraging students to drop off any usable items that they no longer wanted. I was one of the workers who helped monitor and organize the units the first year of Freenew and was amazed by the amount of items we received. Students dropped off kitchen appliances, TV’s, small pieces of furniture, books and more. As each day passed and more students moved out of their rooms, the units started to fill up and became difficult to organize. This started to feel a lot like a human game of tetris. Once graduation day came and all of the students were moved off of campus, the units were tightly filled and ready to be locked for the summer.

As the summer passed and the new fall semester started, it had become time for the units to be reopened. Once all the students were moved in, the pods were opened and everything inside of them was given off to students on a first come first serve basis. My new apartment included a lamp and some wall decorations thanks to the FreeNew shopping that my roommates and I did. This became exciting for all students, jumping from unit to unit looking for the best finds. Everything that was left (although it was not much) was donated. Even though FreeNew only started a few years ago, it has happened every year since and has proven to be a great system that has engaged and excites students campus-wide.