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A Day in the Life of Ambassador Izzi

November 25, 2014

by Isabella D.

Wow. It’s bright. I slept in. Oh, alarm clock, stop beeping please.

I‘ve got a 10:30AM class. Gotta get there on time.

10:15 AM- Don’t pick another outfit out! What you’re wearing is fine! GO!

10:20 AM- Okay. So this outfit is better…okay, last wardrobe change.

10:25 AM- OH NO!

It’s a good thing this class is only a few minutes away.  Don’t even have to run.

Okay, on time and with a minute to spare. Breathless anyway.

Hey professor!

Notes. Gotta take notes. So Many Notes.

Oh! We’re work-shopping my script today! Totally forgot. Good thing I printed pages just in case.

Okay let’s get down to it.

Oh wow, that sounded so different in my head.

Gotta change that line.

Phew, everyone except that girl in the corner who likes nothing except her own work liked it!

Good-bye my fellow playwrights!

Okay, food.


Nah, Terra Ve – Where apparently everyone is going.

Gotta love the 12:30 PM Terra Ve lunch rush.

Oh my goodness they’ve got the Chimichuri Seitan that I LOVE.

Can I get the Seitan and fries please!

Om nom nom so GOOD.

2:15 PM- Okay, I’ve got 4 hours until rehearsal.

2:30 PM- Meeting with my advisor.

Wow, so this is more intimidating than usual.

“You gotta plan for the future! Do you have an internship?” Yes, yes I do. And it’s on campus. And, yes, it actually pertains to my field.

“You gotta think about what you’re gonna do after college.” Let’s just talk about all my impending fears, shall we?

“Looks like you’re all set! Have a great day!”


3:30 PM- That took an hour?? Talking about life plans sure makes the time fly.

4:30 PM

4:35 PM

I’m bored.

Oh, I should probably do work.

Popcorn first.

Is it 2 minutes on high? Or just as much time as I want until the pops are 2 seconds apart?

15 minutes it is. Beep beep.

Ooooh Netflix; it’s been a long time. GILMORE GIRLS! HECK YEAH!

AAAH I burned it! Darn in. Well, there are some unburned pieces.  I’ll just munch on those.

Okay, Rory and Lorelei entertain me, please.

I wish my small town life was this interesting.

5:25PM – great episode per usual Amy Sherman Palladino.

Oh right, homework.

Yada yada yada. Moodle what do you got for me this time?

Gotta read a play – great! I can do that.

Reading the play. Reading the play.

I just experienced myriad emotions-

“End of Play.”

Okay. On to rehearsal.

6:30 PM- Wow, I was almost late. The managing director can’t be late.

Being the managing director is so much work ughhhh.

Aw, this is fun.

I love this so much.

Managing this company makes my heart soar like an eagle over mountains at sunset with a symphony playing in the background.

10:00 PM- I. am. Tired.

Thank goodness for my bed. It’s a comfy bed.

Alarm clock set for…9:30 AM? Nah, 9:45 AM. Okay, 9:50 AM. I can totally get ready in 10 minutes.

*floats off to dreamland*