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The Hitchhiker’s Guide to White Plains

December 10, 2014

by Zach Jackson

Several miles beyond the perimeter of the lush, 550-acre paradise we call the SUNY Purchase campus lays a foreign, uncharted hamlet that many brave students have dared make a venture to.  It is a mysterious locale brimming with such delights as shopping centers, a variety of dining destinations, and a theatre for viewing illustrious moving pictures. If you should wish to journey there, entrance is only a shuttle ride away…

But seriously, though, White Plains is pretty cool.

Most of us here at Purchase visit regularly for a lot of different reasons, and it’s incredibly convenient getting there. If we need to go shopping, are looking for quick departure from campus food, or just want to take a walk around, the city has it all!  There are several stops around the campus for a free shuttle called the Purchase Loop which takes you to a whole bunch of places in White Plains. To where in White Plains, you ask? Chill out, I was about to tell you.

First stop: and shop! …Get it? Like first stop is Stop & Shop? …so…never mind.

For any students that like to cook on their own or just want to maintain their stash of the essential collegiate food groups (Hot Pockets and ramen), Stop & Shop is one of the best and closest places to procure such items. Right across the street from this stop is one of three major malls in the city: the Westchester.  It would take a while to list everything they have there, but there’s an Apple store, dozens of clothing stores, and one of the greatest food courts known to mankind.

Next stop: White Plains Mall! While not as grandiose as the Galleria or the Westchester, the White Plains Mall still boasts a variety of retailers, including an Asian market. You’ll recognize the market by the large ceramic Pikachu piggy bank on display through its window (which I’ve considered purchasing on too many occasions to count).  Pro Tip: If you get off at this stop on the loop and walk across to Main Street, you can get to the Galleria before the loop does!

After that comes the train station. If you’re looking for the best way to get down to New York City without taking a car, look no further!  This station takes the Metro North line to Grand Central, and an express train gets you there in about 40 minutes. So all in all it takes roughly an hour to get to the city from the Purchase campus. How convenient!

Up next: the Galleria.  My personal favorite stop, the mall has a GameStop that satiates my nerdy desires.  A delicious, taunting aroma will fill your nose as you stroll around the mall, originating from the Cinnabon on the second floor.  Good luck trying to leave the mall before caving in and buying a cinnamon bun (or four).

Mamaroneck Avenue is next! Perpendicular to Main Street, these two streets are home to all the hustle and bustle of White Plains. For bargain hunters, we have Wal-Mart and Target; for movie goers, we have the Cinema de Lux theatre; and for the hungry, there are food options like Buffalo Wild Wings, Chipotle, Panera Bread, Applebee’s, and Five Guys. There’s plenty more than that, too, such as a Sam Ash (for any musicians like myself) and a Barnes & Noble. Anyone looking to acquire funds with which to empty their wallets into these locations will be delighted to know that there are several banks along these two streets, as well.  Which brings us to our final stop…

Oh, this looks familiar… we’re back at the Westchester Mall!  The loop’s first and last stops in White Plains are in the same general area, so some ambitious souls might try to finish up their shopping in one run of the loop and make it back on the bus before it leaves White Plains. No worries if you aren’t that quick, though, the loop goes through White Plains once an hour until midnight (and until 2:00am on weekends!)

And now we’ve made a full loop around White Plains! A full…Purchase Loop one might say? …Okay, no more jokes.  Promise.

So that’s White Plains!  It gets less and less overwhelming the more you visit, which you’re bound to do as a student at Purchase.  I hope this serves as a decent jumping off point to any newcomers looking to explore what the city has to offer. There’s way more to discover that I didn’t mention here, so happy travels!