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A Millennial’s Remedy for the Winter Blues

January 28, 2015

by Steven Smith

As the new semester stress and an unwelcome intimacy with black ice sets in, it is important to remember the small things we can do to not succumb to winter blues here at Purchase College. Try these out:

  • Pretend you’re Jennifer Anniston from FRIENDS
  • Pretend you’re anyone from FRIENDS
  • Invest in socks with faces on them
  • Make fun things to eat
  • Convince your more bake-savvy neighbor to make you fun things
  • Look out for therapy pets (they are secretly here to help all of us)
  • Listen to “Blank Space” by Taylor Swift
  • Download Trivia Crack
  • Find other ways to be aggressively Millennial
  • Whip out Monopoly*
  • Prioritize Hey Arnold in your life
  • Stay away from Sara McLachlan and all sad-animal commercials
  • Re-read A Series Of Unfortunate Events

* If your friendships are strong enough

* If you’ve never played Mario Kart, nothing on this list will help you

Best of luck!