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The Class-y Shopper

February 11, 2015

by Rachel Dasaro

love online shopping. I love browsing through the different tabs, looking at sweaters, shoes, and Star Wars memorabilia. I hardly actually buy anything (I’m a saver, not a spender), but it’s always fun to browse around. So when classes become available to view on the college website, I’m overjoyed.

Now, I know picking out classes doesn’t sound like it would be fun, but it is. In college, you have the power to choose whatever you want to study (I already have “Dark Fairy Tales” picked out on my schedule), so it’s all the more exciting! When you’ve already declared a major, searching for classes is really easy, especially with Purchase’s new system “MyHeliotrope.” All you have to do is select your major and press the search button for all of the related classes! All of the classes that are for your major pop up, as well as what requirements each of them fulfill. Of course, just like online shopping, you wouldn’t limit yourself to just one website, right? Absolutely not, and the same goes for classes. When you’re looking for classes, you can take any type of class you want, even ones in conservatories. Granted, they are more limited, but at Purchase, we want everyone to participate in the things they love, regardless of their concentration of study.

It’s always wise to get your general education requirements out of the way as soon as possible, but because there is such a wide variety of classes, you can still take fun classes while fulfilling requirements. Sometimes when I’m shopping, I like to pick something out for myself that I don’t really need, but just really want. That’s where your “outside board of study” credits come in! At Purchase, we believe in having well rounded students, so everyone is required to take a certain amount of credits outside of their major. You can participate in cool arts classes like Bronze Casting, Intro to Modern Dance, and Film Photography. If you want to stick to more education based classes, you can take things like Psychology of Personality, Magic, Witchcraft, and Religion, and Global Sexualities. And don’t even get me started on the physical education classes! We have everything from Outdoor Skills, to Fencing, to Circus Skills, and everything in-between! At Purchase, the classes really are modeled for the interest of the student. So when registration comes around, don’t freak out! All you have to do is shop around, try some things on, and pick the best schedule for the season.