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A Senior’s Ode to Purchase

May 04, 2015

by Izzi D.

I’m graduating in sixteen days and I’m becoming quite nostalgic.

So here’s a look back on my three years at Purchase, assisted by Timehop and “Photos You’re Tagged In” on Facebook

Day one (Or seven- I’m not quite sure)– My whole floor dresses up to go to the Stood. Heels, fancy dresses, and umbrellas for the rain, we soon realized that the Stood, while a rather fancy place, may not be the best place for stilettos.

Halloween 2012– I dress up as Michael Phelps by putting on a swimsuit, goggles and a swim cap and writing ‘USA’ in eye liner on my arm and across my chest. ‘Twas a good night for all.

Indeterminable time 2012– I discover using chopsticks to eat Cheetos means no messy fingers and I look dorkier than ever before.

December 2012– the Bitstrip phenomenon of Facebook leaves me with countless comic strips where I am perched on roofs screaming “I LOVE BIRDS”.  Sidenote- I do love birds, I used to want to be a falconer when I was a wee child.

Winter Break 2012/2013– I discovered going home meant returning to my high school friends who all grew up a little during our first semester of college.

The rest of my Freshman year– Culture shock meant seeing Iggy Azalea before anyone knew who Iggy Azalea was.  I started a band.  I became a camp counselor. My friend Rachel and I swore we would live together but-

September of Sophomore year– I became an RA.  I starred in RaVue.  I was Bilbo Baggins.

October– I went to New York Comic Con with some of my best friends, dressed as the Winter Soldier before anyone knew who the Winter Soldier was (re: Captain America)

February– I co-wrote, assistant directed and acted in my friend Kait’s senior project- an ambitious adaptation of Chaucer’s The Canterbury Tales.  I played an uptight intellectual. I wonder why I was cast in the part.

The rest of Sophomore year– I formed a band with my best friend, called Skateboards! And we play twee punk satirical songs about campus life and people who skateboard. (disclaimer: we both do) Culture Shock means Lil B and jokes about Based Gods and my life as an RA comes to an end as I enter my final year at Purchase.

September of weird Junior/Senior year (I’m graduating a year early)– I’m graduating. In 9 months….oh my.  I start my senior project, a musical about Iraq which later turns into a musical about aliens, which later becomes a musical about a girl who fights aliens.

October– Again I go to New York Comic Con, this time dressed as America Chavez of the Young Avengers.  Look her up. She’s pretty awesome.  For Halloween I am Pikachu and I hide in the grasses on campus like I’m a real live Pokémon.

December– My theater company, Red Theater, puts on their third show and my final show with them goes splendidly.

Second Semester Senior Year– I freak out about my senior project, which ends up being amazing in April; I freak out about graduation until I’m accepted to Carnegie Mellon; I freak out about the summer until I’m accepted to two highly competitive residencies; I freak out about what I’m gonna wear to graduation until I get my cap and gown and realize you can’t see anything under the robe; I freak out about leaving purchase but then realize- I’ve gotten so much out of my time here, there’s really no reason for me to be scared.  From freshman year to senior year, I’ve learned so much and I cannot wait for the journey ahead.

Thusly, the nostalgic senior salutes you, Purchase College. May you keep teaching us lessons both inside and outside the classroom.