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What I Love About My Theatre & Performance Major

April 26, 2017

by Melina Finck

One of my favorite things about Purchase College is the freedom within the programs. Being a Theatre & Performance and Arts Management double major seems like a significant amount of work, which indeed it is. But that does not mean that you’re restricted to only taking classes in your major. This semester, I decided to take a sociology class, which was a fantastic decision because it’s one of the best classes I’ve ever taken. I’ve got to thank Purchase for allowing me to reach outside the box and find another interest that I did not know I had.

In addition to the openness of the programs, I enjoy how flexible the Theatre and Performance program is when it comes to performance opportunities. When discussing with visitors the difference between this BA program and the Acting BFA the College also offers, questions about equal performance opportunities always arise. At least once a week, an email is sent out either by a student or the head of Theatre and Performance to the entire program saying that there are auditions for X,Y, or Z play. This means that there are tons of plays put up by the BA program every semester. And what’s even better is that no matter what interests you about the theatre (for example, lighting design, costume design, stage management etc.), there will be opportunities for you!