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“Building” a Great Community

October 13, 2015

by Rachel Dasaro


My name is Rachel Dasaro, and I’m the Admissions Community Development Ambassador at Purchase College. Now, I know to a lot of you that just sounds like a long-winded title, but in reality, it’s very simple. A lot of colleges have tour guides that spew information at you with no chemistry between the tour guides. My job is to make sure that doesn’t happen. Tours have just started recently for us this year, and already there are Ambassadors, new and returning, hanging out as if they’ve been friends for ages. This might seem like a given, co-workers spending time together on campus, but all of the Ambassadors have their own passions, classes, and clubs to tend to. Each of the Ambassadors makes their own effort to build positive relationships with one another, so the fact that they’re already doing this so early in the year demonstrates the enthusiasm and tendency for collaboration of the crew we hired this year.

Of course, they needed an ice breaker, and that’s where I came in. Before all of you prospective students even scheduled your tours, we spent two days training to make sure that we could give you the best tour of Purchase College possible. While some things were cut and dry, what really brought the staff together was our fort building activity.

I gave the Ambassadors the challenge to build a waterproof fort big enough for three people. Everyone stepped up and worked hard to make the best fort possible, using only standard office supplies and things they could find in the woods around campus. Naturally, the Ambassadors went above and beyond, and ended up building one big enough for all 22 of us! It was incredibly fun, and was a nice change of pace compared to slideshows and paperwork. The Purchase College Admissions Ambassadors are hardworking, creative, and inclusive, and are reflective of a positive community, built from students who wanted a unique, enjoyable college experience. But if you don’t believe us, come visit for yourself! Call the Admissions office to schedule a tour, we can’t wait to meet you!

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