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Room for All of My Interests

October 26, 2015

by Liam Connors

My name is Liam Connors! I am currently a sophomore at Purchase, majoring in Theatre and Performance. I’m here today to blog about and speak to those prospective souls who wish to not only have one concentration but more than one.

When I came to Purchase, I was pleasantly surprised by the fact that it’s totally possible to pursue a BA in the Theatre/Performance Program and also minor in Arts Management, for example, or in my case play music in three different musical groups who perform regularly.

I was initially frightened that I wouldn’t have the time to play music anymore, but I’m here to tell you that I made a false assumption. It is completely possible! One of the up-sides to majoring in Theatre and Performance is that it allows you the flexibility to pursue the aspects of Theatre that most interest you, too! Courses in performance practice range from Fundamentals of Acting to Performing the Self in Society. Advanced directing courses also offer students the opportunity to work with transmedia and digital media and projection, while courses in writing for the stage include both well-known plays and non-traditional performance pieces.

However, with all of that said, this major gives you so much independence. I can take courses I wish to take while also fulfilling course requirements for my major and continuing to make my music and perform all of the time! This is why I chose to be here at Purchase, to surround myself with passionate and driven people who all want to live out their dreams.