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Getting Involved as a Sophomore

January 25, 2016

by Tyrone Hodges

Back in high school, I had always known I wanted to come to Purchase. I was a high school senior dating a college freshman that attended Purchase, so I often made visits to campus see them. Every time I visited, I fell more and more in love with what the campus had to offer.

It was a small school, so there would hardly be any chance of me getting lost, and it was far enough from the city to go away and be on my own, but close enough just in case I wanted – or needed – to go back home. Plus, Purchase offered a major specific to what I want to do in the future. Combine those reasons with my significant other and Purchase was a definite go.

By the time I finally got here, I was no longer dating this person, but the school hadn’t lost its magic for me. During my Welcome Week, I was able to meet so many people. They were talented, insightful, unorthodox, you name it. After settling in with a solid group of friends, my college career went on its way. Now I’m in my second semester of sophomore year, or “suffermore” year as most would fondly call it, and while I don’t regret my time here so far, I wish that I had done more to get involved on campus before now.

In addition to being an Admissions Ambassador, I currently run my own dance team alongside a friend who came with me from high school. However, that’s all that I do at the moment. There are so many activities on campus to take advantage of that I wish I had done that sooner just to get out of the bubble that I have created among my close friends. The cultural clubs always hold interesting meetings every week, there seems to always be a play being produced each second of each day, and there are lectures about topics that may or may not even pertain to my major… you get the idea.

I’m interested in much more than dance alone, and I plan to act upon that in my years to come at Purchase. I would recommend the same to any other student. Purchase is so much more to offer than a typical “college bubble.” Many things take place on these 500 acres, so get out there and experience it all. It will make your college experience all the more memorable when you do.