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It Feels Like Spring

March 09, 2016
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    Campus Mall

by Leyla Gentil

There’s a beauty to this campus when it’s sunny outside. Spring has finally arrived after multiple yo-yoing winter months, and the students of Purchase College are grateful. The sun has a unique quality to it, feeling stronger and more relaxing than usual. Gone are the bulky, heavy coats that people have been wearing for months, gone is the gloom and stress of winter, and gone is the feeling of heaviness that has enveloped the campus. Students are wandering around the mall of academic buildings, having either left class and events or for the simple pleasure of walking around campus.

Foolishly, I took my jacket with me when I left my room because the morning still had a little bit of a winter chill lingering in it, but I haven’t worn it for most of the day. When I have it on, it feels like I’m cooking in the fabric, so around the waist it goes. At least I had the foresight to wear shorts, or I would have been uncomfortable, which any student wearing jeans seem to be. Anytime I’ve walked outside today, it feels like I should take my time and thoroughly enjoy the beauty that is encompassing the campus.

Many have taken over the great lawn, playing frisbee, football or strumming on guitars. Book-readers have spread out on blankets and sunbathers have joined them. Members of the community outside of Purchase College have brought their dogs, making the school feel more populated than usual. After the darker months of winter, it’s such a relief and a joy to see so many students outside, enjoying the sun and warm weather. It’s a beautiful reminder that, yes, school can be stressful at times and there is work that we have to do; but for a moment-especially on a day like today- we need to stop and enjoy the world around us.

This is what college during Spring should feel like.