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Loving-the-Mall Syndrome

September 27, 2016

by Shellie D. Welsh

I have a problem. I like to call my problem “Loving-the-Mall Syndrome.” (I’m clearly self-diagnosed). A lot of people say that they are “shopaholics” because they have an addiction to shopping. My Loving-the-Mall Syndrome is all about going to the store with the intention of buying one thing, but leaving with a shopping cart full of unnecessary things.

I originally thought that I’d be able to come to college without having to deal with my Loving-the-Mall Syndrome. I was wrong.

I am originally from Brooklyn, which makes shopping so easy because transportation is so readily available. I thought that living at Purchase College would be the opposite. I was distracted by all the trees and the natural beauty that I didn’t realize what was right in front of me. There are not one, not two, but THREE malls fifteen minutes from campus. THREE MALLS?!

It gets better… After finding out about all of the shopping possibilities in the area, I began to think, “It’s fine, I’m not going to want to pay for transportation to the mall all the time anyway.” But, of course, Purchase finds a way to support my love for shopping. The Loop bus, Purchase College’s bus system, makes daily stops right in front of all three malls FOR FREE. There are also vendors that come to campus weekly and sell various goods – records, plants, all types of clothing, shoes, art – the list goes on! They sit out on the mall, otherwise known as the hub of campus. This also doesn’t help my case at all.

If I’m being perfectly honest, there is not a thought in my mind along the lines of “You will get over your addiction!” Fast-forward to today… consider me a broke college student!