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Creating Your Home Away from Home

October 09, 2016
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    Residence Hall 

by Julia Morales

Moving into a new residence area can be a really hectic experience. Once you’re in, you’ve got all your stuff in a big white room with a window and a lamp, and you’ve got to live there for the next two semesters. So what better way to start your year than by decorating your room to feel like home and look like you? Here are some tips to get you started:

Take Command

Although there are school policies and safety regulations preventing you from drilling holes and sticking pins in your walls and ceilings, Command strips are a great alternative to get creative with your wall space! These picture hanging strips are great for hanging posters and frames, while large hooks can be used to hang backpacks, purses, or belts. Small hooks can even be used to hang jewelry or your keys so you never loose them! Get creative, and have fun. Remember: storage can be decorative too.

Use Your Bed

Bed risers are a life-saver in a small room. Using plastic drawers under your bed can add extra storage for snacks, clothes, books, or anything else you might want to stuff into your tight space. You can also store extra bedding and suitcases under there as well. Make use of all that floor space under your bed!

Keep It Tidy

After a long night of studying, it can be pretty tempting to just throw your bags and clothes on the floor and flop onto your bed for a quick snooze, but try to make it easy to keep your room tidy. Keeping the space clean will help it feel bigger, brighter, and more comfortable. Storage bins are a great way to consolidate all of your belongings, while still being decorative. Making sure everything is clean and dust free will also help keep your body healthy during flu season, so don’t forget to disinfect, dust, and vacuum every now and then, too.

Be A Plant Parent

These white walls can get pretty bland if you don’t add your own pops of color. Adding some greenery into the space will add a nice warm hue to the room, while also adding extra oxygen and humidity into the space as well. It’ll also give you something to take care of, like having a pet. (You can also have a small fish; beta fish are really colorful, and super tiny and cute!)


In the residence halls, your bed is also your couch, your guest chair, sometimes it’s where you study; it’s your dining room, and it’s the prime Netflix-watching area of the room. Pillows are a must, as you’ll probably want to use one as a cushion on your desk chair, you’ll sleep on them, you’ll use them for back support when sitting on your bed, and when your friends come over for movie night, you’ll all plop on the floor with pillows and popcorn! So find some pillows that fit your style, or make your own! It’s up to you, so put your twist on it.