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The Neuberger Museum

October 20, 2016
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    The Neuberger Museum of Art

by Zaire Anderson

A lot of Purchase students are unaware of the not-so-hidden gem that we have right here on this campus. Can you guess what it is? The Neuberger Museum!

Maybe as an art major I’m a little biased, but this is probably one of the best perks of being a Purchase student. Not only is the Neuberger Museum free, but it’s conveniently located on the main mall of our beautiful campus.

Recently, I visited the Neuberger to check out the new Latin American art exhibit upstairs and I was definitely not disappointed. The exhibit featured artists from all across Latin America, Central America, and Mexico. These artists were making work that far exceeded the credit they’re often given. The exhibit shines light on almost all media, including printmaking, photography, and painting. The styles ranged from surrealism, to activism, to op-art. The work was sophisticated, thought provoking, and insightful. The artists shown in this exhibition are artists I don’t think I would have ever known about or learned about without my opportunity to see this show at the Neuberger.

All museums are a great resource for a brief and interesting look at culture and history all over the world. We have our very own resource a few feet away! Notably, the Neuberger Museum has a standing African art collection constantly on view, as well as a plethora of other exhibits that are always changing. Additionally, there are artist talks every other week that are also free to Purchase students!

What’s my favorite thing about Purchase? The Neuberger Museum, of course