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Halloweek at Purchase

November 06, 2016
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by Tyrone Hodges

Last week was one of the most anticipated weeks of any Purchase college student: Halloweek. Yes, you read that right. Here at Purchase, the excitement that is Halloween is never contained to just that one day.

More often than not, people will begin to dress up beginning from the week before. Not only that, but those are the people that go all out with their costumes. In my three years at Purchase, I’ve seen many things ranging from anime characters, to celebrities, to morph suits and devils/angels. I myself was a simple Cabbage Patch Kid, easily done with clothes that I already owned and some of my friend’s blush.

However, two standout costumes that I saw this year were one person dressed in a T-Rex suit and another dressed in a black morphsuit that had LED lights all around it. Granted, I had seen the T-Rex a couple of weeks prior, but it was still amazing to see just how far people at this school will go for Halloween. It’ll be interesting to see what crazy ideas people will come up with next year.

Halloweek at Purchase is something I definitely look forward to each year. It’s one of the best times of year on campus!