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Self-Care for the College Student

November 07, 2016

by Rebecca Wierman

Adjusting to college life, whether it be your first semester or your last, is difficult. The late nights studying and caffeine overload can eventually take a toll on your body and throw you off-track for the semester. At college, it is important to practice self-care so you can be the best version of yourself. Luckily, Purchase College provides many self-care resources for personal, mental, spiritual, and physical growth.

  1. The Counseling Center
    The Counseling Center, located on the Garden Level of the Humanities building offers 15 free counseling sessions for students. Being able to speak with someone other than a friend or family member can create safe space to deal with personal issues head on. Counseling at Purchase can aid in almost any problem, even offering group sessions and support groups to students suffering from anxiety, sexual misconduct, bipolar disorder, and much more.
  1. The Wellness Center
    The Wellness Center, newly transplanted to the first floor of Fort Awesome, provides a holistic approach to college life and mental health. The Wellness Center promotes self-exploration through healthy choices emotionally and spiritually. A healthy body means a healthy mind and heart. Every month the Wellness center hosts events for the students, ranging from group meditation to energy healing. In conjunction with the Counseling Center, they host a weekly Ashtanga yoga practice for mental health (but different practices of yoga are provided daily in the Wellness Center).
  1. Dining on Campus
    Eating healthy on campus can actually be really easy! We have three dining locations that cater to different dietary needs, as well as a Starbucks. The Dining Hall (aka D-Hall) provides an all you can eat buffet experience for only 1 meal swipe. D-Hall has a many different types of foods, so get creative! When eating buffet style, it is important to remember portion control. Start out with a small salad, then move on to the heartier options. You’ll realize the salad filled you up! Terra Ve, the dedicated vegetarian and vegan eatery on campus, won an award for healthiest campus food one year! To eat healthy at Terra Ve, stay clear of the carbs. Instead, eat the chickpea marsala or opt for a bowl of soup. When dining at the Hub, grab some sushi or a low fat sandwich. Remember that eating right can give you the perfect boost of energy to get through the day and keep you focused.
  1. Physical Education Center
    It has been proven that exercise produces endorphin’s, which are our natural painkillers that can reduce stress levels. As a college student, it is difficult to maintain a strict workout regimen. At any time you feel intense stress coming on, take a break from what you are doing and go to the gym. After at least 15 minutes of physical exercise you will begin to feel clearheaded and refreshed. The gym cost is covered by your tuition, so be sure to utilize it!

By doing any of these 4 self-care tips, you can find an outlet for the stresses and anxieties of college life. Remember that if you are feeling overwhelmed to take a step back and just breathe. Take time for yourself and put yourself first! College can be daunting, whether you are a freshman or a senior. Just take care of yourself and keep a healthy body, healthy mind, and healthy spirit.