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Getting Involved in Clubs on Campus

December 05, 2016

by Danny Smith

As a freshman, it can be tough to motivate yourself to go out and socialize. If you’re shy or introverted, clubs can seem a little scary when you don’t know anybody else there. But if you do get up the courage to go to a meeting, it can be one of the best decisions you’ve ever made!

Clubs are a great way to meet people who share the same interests as you. At Purchase, we have over seventy clubs, so you’ll be sure to find one that piques your interest. These include cultural clubs, like OAPIA (Organization of African People in the Americas), Latinos Unidos, and Complexuality; intramural clubs like Nerf Club and Fencing; academic clubs like Economics Club and Sociology Club; and even some clubs that could only be found at Purchase, like Cheese Club and Poor Choice Picture Show (what is this? It’s not obvious). If you can’t find a club you like, it’s easy to start your own! With all of these options, why would you stay in your residence hall room all night?

Most clubs and the activities and events run by them are paid for by your Mandatory Student Activity Fee (MSAF), a $110 fee every student pays, so if you see PFBYMSAF on posters, merch, and Facebook events you’ll know what it means. Clubs don’t only hold meetings – they are the life of Purchase! Many clubs host lectures and workshops on weekdays and parties at the Stood on the weekends.

Clubs are the perfect way to get involved on campus as a new student, and if you want, you can even run for a leadership position on the club’s executive board. Or, start your own club! Whatever you do, be open to making new friends and connections.