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Struggling with Grades

February 24, 2020
  • Struggling with Grades
    Paige Demaio

Written by: Alycia Williams

Everyone wants to have good grades. Especially for those who are paying for school, getting the best bang for your buck is super important. For some of us, some classes tend to be harder than others, and in this post I will be talking about where to go, and who to talk to when you aren’t getting the grade that you want in a class.

My very first semester here at SUNY Purchase, I took Pre-Calc to satisfy my mathematics general requirement. I figured that I took Pre-Calc in high school and did well, so it shouldn’t be much different. I thought wrong. I struggled in that class early on and didn’t want to hurt my GPA in my first semester of college. So when I asked my professor if there was something that I could do, he recommended the Einstein’s Corner here on campus. Einstein’s Corner is a tutoring base located on the third floor of the Natural Sciences building. I walked in not knowing what to expect. I was placed with a student who previously got an A+ in Pre-Calc here on campus, and my tutor even had the same professor as me. The tutoring session took 45 minutes and he was able to help me with my homework. When I told my tutor that I wanted to come back and meet with him specifically, he showed me where to go online to make an appointment with him to ensure that no one else could come to meet with him during that time. So every week I made two appointments to see my tutor to help me with homework, projects, and to even help me better understand something that I didn’t fully understand in class. I ended up getting an A in that class, all thanks to the Einstein’s Corner and my tutor.

In addition to Einstein’s Corner, which is focused on math and science tutoring, there is also the Learning Center, which is located on the bottom floor of the Library which is tutoring for more humanities based courses. If a student were to schedule an appointment online they would be able to see which tutor is available, at what time, and what courses they tutor for. When scheduling the appointment, they ask simple questions like the course name, course professor, and even assignment instructions, just so the tutor can know exactly how to help you before you come in. The Learning Center is constantly trying to find ways to make tutoring more accessible and more desirable for students. They even have new drop-in tutoring sessions in Wayback. Purchase wants students to get the best grades that they can while attending here, so the Learning Center is just one aspect of the students road to success