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Family Day at Purchase

January 28, 2020
  • Family Day at Purchase
    Paige Demaio

Written by: Jasmine Booker

In October, SUNY Purchase College celebrates its annual Family Day! Every year on the first week of October, families gather from all over to come and have fun with their college students. Family day is a special day when students and families get to reunite after being apart for a little over a month. Family day is important to us here at Purchase College as it allows the student to catch up with their families and tell them all about their first month at college, and how they have adjusted. Families are also able to catch their students up on all the things that have gone on at home while they have been away at school. It is also a great day for commuters too, as it allows the student to show off their campus to their families, explaining where they have been spend most their time and what friends they have made.

Family Day Freshman year was a great day for me, because in that short time period of being away from home, I felt like I had grown. I had already become more independent in those six weeks, and Family Day was a great time to show that. Those six weeks away on campus also allowed me to get adjusted from being away home for the first time in my life. Seeing my family after that time away was very comforting and exciting. Family Day isn’t only for new students. Family is important for everyone, and seeing your family after some time is always great.

There are tons of activities to do during Family Day. For this year, Fall 2019, my parents came up and brought me some groceries and we went and got some lunch. It was a great just spending time with my family after not seeing them for a while. Family Day is always a big deal at SUNY Purchase College. There are always several things to do around campus. On the Great Lawn, there is usually a band, and different games to play such as hamster ball, bean bag toss, etc. There was also a barbecue on the lawn! Families painted pumpkins together. A leadership panel was held showcasing student leaders who have participated in various internships through the school during their time here. Students were given the opportunity to show their parents around the campus and display what they’ve been up to during the first six weeks of school. There were more events such as the Art Crawl Gallery in the Olde apartments, where students got the chance to showcase their art work. Families walked through as they ate donuts and apple cider. All around Family Day is one of the best days here on campus!