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FreeStore Finds

January 28, 2020
  • FreeStore Finds

Written by: Emory Wojtach

After a long day of classes and hard work, I find myself heading into The Free Store above the Dining Hall. The Free Store is a thrift store on campus that is entirely free. It sounds crazy but it’s true. Purchase students come and bring their second hand goods to donate, which get organized or hung up by our volunteer staff. You can enter, find something you want or like, and take it and go. It’s always weird the first time you do it because you feel like you’re stealing, but I promise it’s a great and valuable resource for you as a Purchase student. There are a lot of good finds at the Free Store, as Purchase is arguably one of the most fashionable campuses in the SUNY System. I have found some of my favorite clothes there.

My first find there was a big white button down. I painted the back of it for fun and now I have a nice fashionable shirt I can wear out and about in the spring. My next find was on a random Free Store trip with my friends, a nice canvas picture of an idol of mine, Marilyn Monroe. These were big scores but my favorite is a formal black dress I found, it’s beautiful and form fitting, and it’s one of the nicest dresses I have ever worn. Now with this beautiful dress I needed somewhere to put my phone and wallet, as it unfortunately had no pockets. I went multiple times to the Free Store to see what they had in terms of bags but for a few weeks I could never find anything. It wasn’t until the end of spring semester when everyone is moving out and has a plethora of belongings to donate, that I finally found what I was looking for.

When digging through the avalanche outside of the store I found two handbags, and even found a white board, string lights, and a desk lamp. This place, again, is an amazing and valuable resource that I hope and beg all Purchase students make the most of.