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A Closer Look at the Neuberger Museum

December 05, 2019
  • A Closer Look at the Neuberger Museum
    Photo by: Paige Demaio

Written by: Katie Lamar

It’s a surprising fact to most to find out that the Neuberger Museum of Art was the first building to be completed during campus construction back in the 1970s. That being said, it’s not the first thing freshman students flock to once they arrive. Instead, places like The Stood fill up on Friday and Saturday nights, The Library becomes jam-packed once classes pile on more work, and once The Wellness Center invites the puppies in for Puppy Therapy? It’s all over for student involvement elsewhere. But maybe the students should head over to the university museum more often. Currently, it’s ranked as the fifth largest university museum in the nation, and in general, its history is pretty interesting and wholesome.

The collection began with 300 works promised by Roy R. Neuberger, a private collector with a passion for paying living artists the money they deserve. Since its opening, the museum has acquired over 6,000 pieces for their permanent collection. And while it’s true that the Neuberger Museum is open to people in the Westchester area, the fact remains that it’s on Purchase College Campus, a place for students. Therefore, it should be a place where students go and want to be. On one hand, the museum has been expanding its outreach to students. On the other hand, there is definitely room for improvement on the museum’s side when it comes to advertising their new opportunities. Here are just a few of them:

Students can now work in the museum! If you’re interested in a part-time job on campus, and you have an interest in either art or art history, applying for a job as a Neu Guide might be a perfect fit for you. This position was developed in 2018, and has allowed for student workers to work museum events, as well as give information to daily museum-goers about the current exhibitions. A new part of the job is to spearhead student events that are being planned for the spring.

Another way for students to get involved is to come to the immense amount of events and activities that occur monthly. Currently, Wednesdays are the day to be at the Neuberger. Not only is it open later, 5-8 p.m, but there is also free refreshments for students to enjoy. Right now, there is something called “Wellness Wednesdays” where they have a either a yoga class or a sound bath held in the art galleries. They also have many of the New Media lecture series held there, including past lecturers like Narcissister. These kinds of events draw students from all disciplines in, and yet, there is room for even more participation. Even just stopping in to check out the current exhibitions, and inquiring about upcoming events could allow students to know when to keep their schedules clear.

The Neuberger Museum of Art is a place for students. Right now, it’s sort of a hidden gem, where few students frequently stop by. But that can change. They are not lacking in interesting material for students to absorb, that’s for sure. So make it a priority to take advantage of our free admission, membership, and beautiful art that is available to the student body almost every day.