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Benefit of Adding a Minor

December 03, 2019
  • Benefit of Adding a Minor
    Photo by: Paige Demaio

Written by: Michelle Dieguez

Coming to Purchase, I wanted to pursue a Theatre and Performance major. However, after falling in love with my Literature classes and creating strong bonds with the faculty, I realized I didn’t want to drop my Literature major. At that juncture, I could either double major in Literature and Theatre and Performance, or keep Literature as my major, and minor in Theatre and Performance. After reviewing a possible degree progress report, I discerned that majoring in Theatre and Performance would detain me from graduating in four years; however, if I were to pick up the minor, I could remain on track.
Although many believe pursuing a minor displays a limited view of the major, I’m here to tell you otherwise. As a Theatre and Performance minor, I take 5 classes in the department: 3 lower-level foundational courses plus 2 upper-level electives. After taking the 3 lower-level foundational courses, I was able to freely choose 2 upper-level electives of my choice. Although I am not pursuing a major in Theatre and Performance, I am still able to take classes and participate in theatrical plays and events.
While taking classes for my Literature major and my Theatre and Performance minor, I started accumulating credits toward a Gender Studies minor. At first, I was worried that adding another minor would detain me from graduating in 4 years; however, after speaking with my adviser, I learned that a lot of the classes I have taken will count toward the minor. Adding the Gender Studies minor has broadened my approach to learning, making my course work engrossing and interactive.
So why add a minor? Are you passionate about more than one subject? Adding a minor allows you to take 5 classes within a certain department without the hassle of declaring a double major and worrying if you’ll graduate in 4 years. Declaring a minor can enhance your resume as well as make you stand out to employers looking for well-rounded passionate candidates. Overall, if you have a personal passion and would like to pursue it in a few classes, you should declare a minor!