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An Interview With Perseus

January 02, 2017
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by Dan Rosensweet

Not too long ago I had the distinct pleasure of interviewing a legend, an icon, a– (one moment let me check my thesaurus) a leading light in the Purchase community! I’m sure by now you know who I’m referring to… why, Perseus the Purchase Panther, of course!

You probably know Perseus from his incredible work at our D3 sports games, Accepted Student Day events, and occasionally hanging out at the Dining Hall. In one of his most recent stunts, the Panther did a slight jog towards a prospective student, spun around counter-clockwise, and then gave the student a high-five!

Well we here in Purchase Admissions just did not want to miss the opportunity to speak with him, and fortunately I was able to catch him on his way to the tennis courts. Read on…

Dan: Perseus! So nice to run into you. Would you mind doing a quick interview for Purchase Admissions? They have a blog they like to put out and I’m one of the students and well my name is Dan and—


Dan: Right, yes, so sorry. I’ll cut to the chase it’s just such an honor to meet you!


Dan: Oh, thank you, I just got it cut. So you’re a panther, of course, now I’ve always been curious about that because they’re not native to this part of Westchester so I’ve gotta know, what brought you to Purchase?


Dan: Oh, I see! So you were sort of a creative type? Sort of the black panther of your family?


Dan: Yeah, no, that’s an original one. Haha! But I see, so you heard Purchase was a very creative place but it was somewhere you could still be a mascot. Do you come from a mascoting family?


Dan: OH! Your cousin’s at Old Westbury? How nice! So I’m curious, from your perspective, what’s one of your favorite things about Purchase?


Dan: Oh yes, the Performing Arts Center is wonderful! And dance, huh? That’s one of your favorite things to see there?


Dan: No, I didn’t know the Paul Taylor Dance Company was coming at the end of January! How exciting! Well that’s great! And what about the Stood? Do you ever stop by there?


Dan: Oh! So you hear great things and you’d love to go but you tend to sleep about 18 hours a day on average and most of the shows there go too late for you. Well that’s too bad! However, you’ll be happy to know that students are pretty good about recording those events on video so I’ll make sure you get some of those recordings.


Dan: Do I have your email? Yes, I believe I do, in fact, have your email! Also, I’m so sorry that I keep stating your questions in my responses, I don’t usually do that I– Perseus? Oh my god he fainted! OH NO HE’S ROLLING DOWN THE HILL!!! OH GOD SOMEONE PLEASE HE–

Thanks for reading everyone!