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The Wellness Center at Purchase

November 05, 2019
  • The Wellness Center at Purchase

Written by: Alycia Williams 

When it comes to the Wellness Center at Purchase College, it is one of the most underrated places on campus. Only people that have been there for either counseling, an event, or for a workout know how amazing the Wellness Center really is. When I applied to be an intern at the Wellness Center my second semester of sophomore year, I had no idea what I was in for. I didn’t know much about the Wellness Center or what they offered, but I was excited to learn more about something I wasn’t familiar with on campus. As an intern at the Wellness Center, I would be doing office hours while events were going on. One event in particular was meditation and energy healing. I had never meditated before in my life before being an intern at the Wellness Center, but I found it to be such an escape from my busy life as a student, and it truly helped me focus better. Now, even after my internship ended, I still find myself going back every week for meditation and energy healing.
As a Wellness Center intern at the end of the semester, I had to come up with, plan, and host my own event at the Wellness Center. I hosted an event about alcohol abuse on college campuses, and not only was it super informative to the people who attended my event, but I also learned a lot about event planning. I had a lot of games set up that required a lot of research on my part, which helped me learn a lot. One event that all Purchase students are familiar with is Puppy Therapy. It’s an event that happens during finals week, where a bunch of puppies come from local shelters to the Wellness Center. Students sit in circles and pet them and cuddle with them. It really takes the edge off the stress from finals week when we get to cuddle with the puppies! The different events at the Wellness Center, whether it’s about alcohol abuse, mindfulness, or even self-love, really helps us as students stay level headed while we are swapped with work. To me, the Wellness Center provides a safe environment where students can take a break from work and really focus on their health and wellness.