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Getting Involved in the Arts!

November 25, 2019
  • Getting Involved in the Arts!
    Paige Demaio

Written By: Quinn Reynolds 

The classic question: Can I get involved in the arts even though I’m not an arts major? The short answer is YES! The arts are all around us at Purchase. Anything that you like to do, you can find others who will support you at Purchase. The best way to get involved in the arts is to go out and start doing what you love on your own. There are plenty of places on campus that host independent content. There are numerous open mics that occur throughout the semester if you want to get your musical, poetic, or comedic voice out there into the campus world. If you have any visual art to show off, the Forum Art Space is open to all students. Student publications like Gutter Mag and Submissions Magazines are always looking to display original student writing and visual art.

If you want to get involved with artistic groups, there are plenty to choose from. PTV is open to anyone who is committed to producing content on a regular basis. If you’re a dancer, you don’t have to be in the conservatory to join amazing student dance groups like Sabotage, the hip-hop group. Theatrical productions at Purchase are seldom limited to acting and theatre majors. Anyone can audition as long as they fit the part. Purchase Late Night, the show I happen to run, is always open to new writers and comedians. As long as you’re funny, you can join our team. We’ve had opera majors, history majors, graphic designers, journalism majors, and others in our show because we all have the same interest in common. Any official club on campus is mandated to be open for all students, so that includes you.

This attitude is prevalent among most of our students. Our campus is small, and people with similar interests tend to get to know each other quickly. If you’re good at what you do and passionate about it, others will take notice.