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Using the Gym at School

October 25, 2019
  • Using the Gym at School
    paige demaio

Written By: Terrell Germain 

Using the gym at Purchase has been so fundamental and helpful to me over the past few years. It creates a routine for me in the morning of getting up and going to workout. The gym has a lot of places available. There is the working out center with equipment and machines and mats for your use. There is a pool that is open at certain hours of the day and can be used by anyone during the time it is open. There are also courts that are used for basketball, fencing, etc. There are mini-classrooms and studios that are used. The classroom may be used by the sports teams like basketball and volleyball.
The studios can get rented out by our students and use for numerous things. Zumba club which is one of our intramural clubs have their work out in the studios, step which is a new upcoming intramural club also uses the studios as well. Then our Physical center has a range of equipment that is at the students disposal. There are various machines like treadmills, bicycles, elliptical, and many more. There are also free weights, mats where you can do floor work, and stretching areas. When I go to the gym I use the workout center a lot.
When I’m in the gym, I use the stretching area and do my own stretches. Then, I use one of the machines for cardio to start up my workout. After, I go to the mats and do some floor workouts, then I go and use some free weights. I use the pool occasionally to maybe replace my cardio day. The studio I use occasionally, too, like when I go to Zumba. You don’t have to use the gym just for working out. You can use it to go there and support your sports team if there is a volleyball game or basketball game!