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Best Scenic Spots to Eat!

October 31, 2019
  • Best Scenic Spots to Eat!
    Paige Demaoi

Written By: Julia Tortorello- Allen

Each eatery on campus has its benefits, and there’s a good chance that you will find great food options at Purchase College, no matter what you like to eat! If you want a delicious vegetarian or vegan meal, head on over to Terra Ve. For a hearty sandwich, a slice of pizza, pre-made sushi, or a meal from the creative rotating station, The Hub is going to be your best option. And then there’s Starbucks which is, believe it or not, included in your meal plan! Lastly, the Dining Hall offers a buffet of snacks, drinks, entrees, and desserts, all for the price of one meal swipe. Although there isn’t much debate in regards to Terra Ve being the best quality food on campus, each eatery has its perks, and I recommend trying out all the places to get food at least once.
Of course you can eat inside the various eateries, but I also love to eat in a few other places on campus. When I’m grabbing food, usually I’m running to class, but when I get the time to actually sit down and eat, here are the places that I love to go: The Library! I love to eat at the library, whether I’m there getting work done for my classes, or not. I spend the most time eating in the computer section while I’m doing homework, but there are tons of other great spots in the library. The bottom floor is a silent space, giving you the peace and quiet that college campuses tend to lack. The top floor isn’t silent study, but there are some couches and tables that you can eat at. It’s the perfect spot for relaxing and having a meal!
Next stop: The Great Lawn. The Great Lawn is an excellent place to eat. If you want to spend some time embracing nature in the sun (or snow, depending on the time of year), the Great Lawn is the pace to go. There is a beautiful tree in the middle of the field which offers shade and, if you’re intrepid, a fun activity. So grab a blanket and some friends, bring your homework, and head over to the great lawn. The wall outside of Terra Ve and other outside tables. If you don’t want to venture all the way to the great lawn and sit on the grass, but still want to eat outside, there are many other places that are closer to the eateries. If you want to be directly in the commotion of campus, there is a cluster of tables with umbrellas outside Campus Center North (where The Hub is located), as well as outside of Campus Center South (where Terra Ve is located). Some people like to eat directly outside of Terra Ve on a small wall that overlooks the great lawn, parts of campus, and scenic Connecticut.
Lastly, there are picnic tables outside of Starbucks and Fort Awesome, most of which are covered by trees, providing shade for those hot days at the beginning and the end of the school year. The huge lawn outside Admissions. There is an absolutely stunning grassy area outside of the admissions building that not enough students utilize. The field is enclosed by trees and the historic looking admissions building, creating a picturesque landscape. There is also an alcove that leads to a small bench, perfect for hiding away for a few hours. If you are craving some down time by yourself, this rarely populated area is the place for you. But make sure to be respectful and keep your voice down when using this space, because there are perspective families meeting with counselors and taking tours right next door. As you can see, there are tons of places on campus where you can eat and relax. We have a beautiful campus and great food, so take advantage of being here at Purchase College. Go explore with some friends, and find your own cool places to eat.