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What is There to Do on Campus?

October 24, 2019
  • What is There to Do on Campus?
    Paige Demaio

Written By: Kari Luna


During my freshman year, I spent a lot of time in my room and a lot of weekends traveling back home. I have to say, the college experience gets so much better once you get involved on campus. Once I realized that there were events happening on campus at all times, my perspective changed. There’s literally always something you could do.
Clubs! There are so many clubs on campus. They all meet at different times of the week. If you go on the Purchase website, click the “Campus Life” tab, then “Clubs and Organizations,” you can look through the list of clubs and pick which club best suits you! My personal favorites are the cultural clubs, like Latinx Unidos (LU), Queer People of Color (QPOC), Students of Caribbean Ancestry (SOCA) and many more.
Athletic Intramurals: If you’re not a person that has time to join a sports club, but want to get some workouts in, there are classes offered in the fitness building. There’s Zumba, Boxing, Tae Kwon Do, Salsa classes, Stage combat, Fencing and Club Cirque. For more information visit the Purchase Athletics page. You can also look on the athletic page to see when your favorite team has a game!
Fitness Center: Go to the gym! The Fitness center is open every day. (8am-9pm M-T) (8am-8pm F) ( 12pm-5pm SAT-SUN) Or visit the pool with some friends. The pools open hours are (12pm-3pm M-F) and (12pm-5pm SAT & SUN)
OCE Events: There are resident assistants all over campus. Reach out to your RA, (or if you’re a commuter, your friend’s RA) and see what programs they’re planning. OCE also hosts annual events. Family day happens every year, where D-hall goes all out, and they bring out the best pies and games and pumpkin decorating tables are set up on the great lawn. It’s a great time for your families to come to campus and get a feel of what you do on the day to day.
The Stood: stood is open from (4pm- 2am M,W,F) (11am-2am T,R,SAT & SUN) There’s always something happening at The Stood. To follow up on what events they’re having make sure to log onto Pantherlink. Even if something isn’t happening on the main stage, check to see if something’s happening in the side rooms. Student performances, art exhibits, lip sync battles. And if nothing is happening, maybe you can book the space and put up an event yourself.
Music building: Students are always putting up their own events somewhere in the music building. Ask a friend in the music conservatory if they know about anything happening soon.
Hang out with a friend: Some of my favorite memories on campus happened when I was just hanging out in a friend’s apartment watching a movie, or hanging out in the crossroads lounge with friends singing karaoke. Utilize the spaces on campus to the best of your ability. Where’s your favorite place to hang out?