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How to Find an On-Campus Job

October 08, 2019
  • How to Find an On-Campus Job
    Katie Lamar

Written By: Marilyn Warshawsky

One day, a few semesters ago, I was on my way to Taco Bell, when I decided to check my bank account. Suddenly, I realized my delicious five-course lunch that involved so many caramel apple empanadas would be cut short… I needed money!

Going to college is naturally hard on your wallet. All those $5 purchases from the vending machine add up after a while, and soon you’ll realize you need some source of income. Purchase College has a section on Jobscore that students can access whenever they’re interested. Firstly, you are prompted to fill out an online resume/profile that employers can see. Then you’ll have the option to upload official resumes, cover letters, work samples, and anything else to hype yourself up to potential employers. When I first started applying to jobs, I was so nervous. I applied to everything- Campus Technology services, being an art model, a lab assistant, a phonathon caller- you name it. It was really intimidating to put myself out there, but the truth is, once I made that first step into the adult world of job hunting, it got a lot easier.

After applying to so many places, I really thought my cocky self had these jobs in the bag… and then I heard nothing. Drat. But that’s okay, right? Since I applied to so many other places, someone had to get back to me… yeah? Well actually…no. Welcome to the adult world, Marilyn. Rejection is everywhere, and it sucks! It really had me down, and I started to doubt myself. I wondered if I would start to drown in credit card bills (yes, due to Taco Bell runs). But what honestly saved me was the fact that all my friends were going through the same situation! Everyone was looking for a job, and everyone was worried about the same thing, and it was comforting to know I wasn’t the only one out there, alone, suffering without Taco Bell (maybe I’m a little obsessed with that place…).

After a while of trying, I finally got an interview at… Admissions! I am happy to say I currently am an Admissions Ambassador for SUNY Purchase, and I could not be happier with my new job. All I can say is - patience is a virtue when it comes to applying for jobs. You have to wait for the right one to come along and wow you, and if it’s meant to be, you will get that interview!​