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Designing Your Residence Hall Room

October 01, 2019
  • Designing Your Residence Hall Room

Written By: Kaspar Horsfield

One of my favorite parts about being a college student is having the opportunity to live on campus. I know that it is not something that everyone gets the chance to partake in, so I am even more thankful for having the opportunity to do so. I currently live in a single room in Alumni Village, but I have lived in a double, and also in an eight person suite, so I can give advice to help keep you happy no matter where you live! One of the best parts of having a res hall room is being able to make it your space. Even if you live with one, or multiple people, your room is your home and there for you to come back to. One of the best ways to make it feel like home, and how it can keep you happy, is to cover it with things that bring you joy! For me personally, I have drawings, paintings, and posters that I, or my friends, have made.

Another great space saver and mood raiser is organizational drawers, the plastic kind that you can get cheap at a Walmart or Target. These are good for keeping your stuff easy to access, and also out of the way of your desk or floor! I have two of them and they maintain the clutter extremely well. This, in turn, makes coming back to my room at the end of the night really stress free because I know that I’m coming back to a clean space and I don’t have to worry about having to tidy up when I get back. I know that this can be challenging because sometimes you don’t have time, or the mental energy to clean, but doing this has definitely knocked back the total number of times I have had to clean my room every week.

One final thing that makes me feel happy when I’m in my room is, of course, my bed! I think having a comfortable bed is the best way to elevate your mood, because you recover from a day’s work while you sleep. Having a soft mattress pad, a few pillows, and a nice comforter and sheets makes all the difference. Res hall mattresses can be hard! You want to make sure you are comfortable when you sleep, because otherwise, that can actually drain you before you even wake up, and sometimes leave you feeling sore! Hopefully these tips can help you get the best out of your res hall life!