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Athletics vs Academics

September 03, 2019
  • Athletics vs Academics

Written By: Marcus Richardson

As a student athlete, it is a struggle balancing school and sport. We are put on set schedule and must work our day around that. As a basketball player, we have preseason workouts. I would call it a warm-up before the official season. Its a great way to get acquainted with your teammates’ tendencies. Depending on the coach and success of your respected program, your pre-season could be extremely hard or fairly relaxed. In my experience, we have practices as early as 6 am and still deal with a rigorous schedule as a full time student. Also, if you need money, some athletes might get a job on or off campus to support themselves. So now you have to find time balancing all of these things- while also getting your homework done and making sure you get in your extra work so you can stay sharp and perform your best on game day. 

With regards to being an athlete during your season, you might miss days of school which means you could miss key notes, quizzes, and tests. If you don’t stay on top of this, you can quickly find yourself on the ineligible list. So all the work you put in during the pre-season and part of the season now goes to waste because of grades. That’s why its so hard being an athlete, because it’s like you have two full time jobs with your school and sport. Neither one of them is more important than the other, either, so you have to go full out at all times. With all this, you are still a college student socializing with friends. It’s essential, but with this rigorous schedule you might not have time for it. 

Also, when there’s campus parties, you might not always feel like going because you are sore or tired. I try my best to go because I like to have fun, but I understand I can’t put a lot of stress on my body. So I pick and choose my times to go, and instead try to find other ways to relax like watch movies or play video games. This can be a great way to escape responsibility for a couple hours. My favorite thing to do in my free time is to go on YouTube or Netflix sometimes. I watch documentaries or my favorite TV shows. As a student athlete, it’s tough, but I wouldn’t want it any other way. This is a great way to prepare for adulthood and learning how to multitask and managing my time.