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Close Proximity to NYC is Key!

September 26, 2019
  • Close Proximity to NYC is Key!

Written By: Mariah Thomas

I chose Purchase because of how close it is to NYC. As a Brooklyn native, the school’s proximity gives students great opportunities to travel home during the weekends if they want. Purchase’s shuttle bus is also reliable and makes it easy to travel back and forth. The bus also stops at the Metro North, which can take up to an hour commute into the city depending on the time you catch the train.

During my sophomore and junior year, I interned in the city and commuted from campus. I was able to gain experience working in an off-campus environment, while building my network in the field of journalism. Having the ability to gain these off-campus networks has built my confidence in my career choice. I’ve been able to learn the ins and outs of a “real” working environment, allowing me to put what I learn to use.

Purchase also offers city events students can participate in, including Broadway shows. Last year, during Purchase’s Welcome Week, I had the opportunity to go to see Chicago on Broadway. It was a great experience, especially since it was exciting to see how happy my friends were to see their first show. Through another campus opportunity, I was able to go on a tour of the Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture in Harlem. Transportation was also offered through the campus!

The Career Development Center also offers internships in the city for students who feel that they can commute from campus. For those who need financial assistance with travel for

internships, students can apply to receive travel refunds from the Career Center. I received a travel refund for my internship my junior year. My internship required me to work in-office three days a week. The travel refund gave me the money back from my Metro North trips to and from the city. The Purchase shuttle bus also runs during the week days from the early morning until late at night. To use the bus, students only need to show their More Card to the driver to ride for free.

Because our campus was built with the idea of having a “city within a country,” there are plenty of activities to participate in on-campus and in the surrounding area. Being close to NYC  broadens our horizons and has personally benefited me. Being able to intern in the city has given me access to connections I never knew I’d be able to connect with.