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“Clowning Around” at the Performing Arts Center

September 26, 2019
  • “Clowning Around” at the Performing Arts Center

Written By: Malachai Marzolf 

I went to the Circa: Carnival of the Animals when they came to visit the Performing Arts Center in November last year. My friend who worked at the PAC got tickets for the two of us to see it and it was such a fun and exciting experience! It was a family-friendly show so there were lots of children and their parents there, and the performers were so engaging with the audience.

 It was a group of clowns who did different acrobatics and used physical performance to create the mood of each composition that correlated with a certain circus animal. It used a beautiful projected screen in the back to help tell the story that the actors portrayed. What was fascinating was that the actors would interact with the projections, timing their movements with the video display. 

I specifically remember one of the pieces where two people had someone standing straight on their shoulders and they played jump rope. They were great with the younger people in the audience, having blow up sharks that they would go around with to kiss the heads of the kids. Everyone absolutely loved it, from toddlers all the way up to some of the seniors in the audience. 

The friend I attended it with has a passion for clowning, and he said it was a great performance and it became clear to me what the appeal was. Since the show I’ve shown an interest in clowning because of how incredible the show was. It was so cool to see that physical movement can bring people so much joy without the need for words. 

It’s exciting that there is such easy access to incredible shows and also get discounts to these performances. I recommend that everyone go out and find these shows because anyone can find a show that they enjoy as much as I enjoyed this one. 

This last year the Performing Arts Center hosted events such as Earthquakes in London, which was a play that went up. We also had the Purchase Dance Company use the main stage, which I heard amazing reviews about! Coming up this next year I know there is a tap show coming up called the Dorrance Dance, the trailer on their website looks exciting and that is expected to be up November 10th, 2019!