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Reflections as a Senior

January 30, 2019
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As I look back on my time at Purchase, I think about all the opportunities I’ve had and all the things I’ve accomplished and that have changed. When I started out here as a Freshman, I was a New Media Major because it sounded interesting and I wanted to try something new. One week in, I realized that I had no interest and immediately switched to Psychology, another interest of mine, before the add/drop period ended. After re-registering for class, I fell in love with the major and everything it had to offer.

In my second-semester Sophomore Year, I took a Sociology class for the first time, something I had never been introduced to. After looking at all the available classes for the future, I almost immediately declared a double-major and have taken just about all the classes the major has to offer. As I go into my last semester at Purchase, I think about how I started with no AP credits, no idea of what I wanted my future to look like, and no idea how fast my time at Purchase would actually go by.

When I look back at all the Major changes I’ve made, classes I’ve taken, places I’ve interned at, and opportunities I’ve been given, I’m incredibly grateful. When I first started, I knew that Purchase had a lot to offer, but I never realized how much. From free GRE prep to job fairs to professors who love what they’re doing, I can’t imagine having gone anywhere else. Although I graduate in the spring, I completed all of my credits (aside from my last semester of Senior Project) in three and a half years. Coming in with no AP credits, I never expected to finish early, but with the support of the school, that was not only possible, but fairly easy as well.

In addition to all of the academics, I am definitely going to miss all of the social events here as well. From Culture Shock to $5 dance shows to school bands to BFA acting shows, Purchase has it all. Looking back, I wish I’d gone to more events when I had the time, but I still try to go to as many as possible. The talent here is truly unbelievable and it feels like such an honor to attend a school with such incredible people, both on stage and off.

In High School, you never really know what it means when people say that college was the best time of their lives. As a Senior looking back, I understand completely. I’ve lived on campus all four years, cried during shows, participated in intramurals, interned, worked on campus, traveled, and made the best friends of my life. Every time I think about not being at Purchase next year, it blows my mind how fast time has gone. I can’t imagine not being in this environment living with my friends, surrounded by such greatness. When I look to the future though, I am excited to work in my field and share my life experiences with my friends. Purchase has been a home these past 4 years, and I know that even after I graduate, it will remain a home.