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Talk About How You’ve Used a Resource on Campus

January 30, 2019
  • Talk About How You’ve Used a Resource on Campus

Written By: Jennifer Miley

There are many resources on campus that have helped me throughout my four years at Purchase. One of the most helpful resources for me was the Learning Center. I graduated from High School believing I was an advanced writer, only to enter college and realize that my writing was far behind my peers. The first few months of college were extremely difficult. I wasn’t used to writing such long papers. I rushed through papers and expected to receive 90’s and 95’s. After a few instances of giving in grammatically incorrect papers, my professors suggested I go to the Learning Center to work on my writing. My confidence immediately diminished and I thought it was the end of the world.

Though my feelings were hurt, I immediately made an appointment at the Learning Center. Going in for my appointment was one of the most nerve wracking moments in my life. As I sat down, the learning assistant reassured me that everyone needs the learning center at some point of their college career. She taught me really good techniques of fleshing out my paper in order to break down each paragraph into different topics. She also taught me the importance of proof reading out loud a minimum of two times in order to catch run on sentences and misspelling.

I am really thankful to the learning center and it has genuinely made me a great writer.