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What You Hope Visitors Will Take Away from Your Tours

January 30, 2019
  • What You Hope Visitors Will Take Away from Your Tours

Written By: Gianna Cusato 

As a whole, I want visitors to feel instantly welcomed here at Purchase. I want them to feel an intense sense of happiness as I guide them through a tour of their potential future here at Purchase College. Our campus (although many brick buildings) is an extremely colorful and unique place filled with immense amounts of imagination and hungry curiosity that is ever-changing and evolving. As an ambassador, it is my job to make sure all of my visitors feel that within the campus. One of the biggest things I would express however, is that Purchase is a safe space to be who you are. Many times, where people grow up is not where they find who they truly are. It is through the experiences and decisions you make within a special place that provides you with such opportunities. I believe that Purchase is one of those special places where people should feel safe to experiment and be who they truly are. Here at Purchase, we don’t think inside the box, we “Think Wide Open”, and all of the visitors should get a chance to see how we let that mantra translate though our days here at Purchase.