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Pasta Day!

February 20, 2017
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by David McLachlan

Hello all! I’m here to tell you about one of the best things Purchase has to offer… PASTA DAY AT TERRA VE! If you’re a carb lover like myself, you’re going to love this article. And if you’re not, well… sorry.

Pasta day takes place every Wednesday at Terra Ve, which is our vegetarian eatery on campus (an overall great place). Pasta day is the best day of the week for so many reasons and I’ll name them all! Each day of the week, Terra Ve has some sort of special and on Wednesdays it just happens to be pasta. The way pasta day works is that you go to the section in Terra Ve where they cook in front of you. You wait on line until it’s finally your turn (pasta day is pretty popular so be sure to get to Terra Ve around 12 p.m.) and that’s when the magic happens!

You are first asked what kind of vegetables you would like in your pasta. Options include fresh tomatoes, peppers, broccoli, mushrooms, zucchini and garlic. You can ask for as many toppings as you’d like and when you are done picking, your chosen topping are tossed into a pan and cooked right in front of you! Next comes the pasta. Depending on the day there will either be penne, linguine (my favorite), spaghetti, bow ties or tortellini! Now, after you have your vegetables and pasta cooking up in the pan you will be asked what type of sauce you want! Typically, on any given pasta day, there will be two sauce options. After NUMEROUS pasta days I have concluded that the available sauces in rotation are Marinara (which Terra Ve will always have each pasta day), Alfredo (the best), Pesto, Carbonara and Bolognese. Now you’ve got all your ingredients cooking up in your pan creating a dang good meal! When your pasta is finally done cooking you will be asked if you want it to stay or to go. I most often say to go because you’re able to take it anywhere you want. You could enjoy it back in your room or sitting on the great lawn with some friends. And now comes the final step (this is an important one, guys): you will be asked “Cheese and Bread?” ALWAYS SAYS YES TO CHEESE AND BREAD (I cannot stress this enough). And when you say yes, some graded cheese will be sprinkled upon your beautiful dish accompanied by a piece of garlic bread.

And that’s pasta day! And you know the best thing about pasta day? It only costs one meal swipe! One meal swipe for some quality pasta cooked to order and an unforgettable experience! Pasta day ROCKS! I hope to see you all next pasta day because you KNOW I’ll be there!