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Turn Your Tour Into A Scavenger Hunt!

March 22, 2018
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by Danny Smith ’18, Sociology Major and Gender Studies Minor from Cambridge, NY

Hey all,

Hope you’re excited for your campus tour! To make it even more fun, here’s a “scavenger hunt”
of things to look for along the way. Check off everything you find and bring it back to Admissions for a little Purchase prize!

❏ A public art installation
❏ A student playing music outside (if it’s warm out)
❏ A giant clock
Somewhere you can get food
❏ A classroom (Bonus: what building is it in? ________________)
A blue light
❏ A dog, cat, or bunny on a leash
❏ Wildlife
❏ Something under construction (perhaps a new residence hall?!)
❏ A cemetery
❏ A building that isn’t brown brick
❏ Your favorite thing that you learned or saw on your tour: _________________________

Have fun!