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A Letter to Accepted Students

March 29, 2017
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    Christie Marfia '17

To Whom It May Concern:

So, it’s really happening. You’re a senior in high school, you’re applying to colleges, and you’re getting ready to decide where to spend the next four years. Maybe Purchase is your absolute first choice or maybe it’s a too-close-to-home cheap option. For me, I applied to Purchase because I discovered it during my sophomore year of high school by going to a show at the Student Center, otherwise known as the Stood. I thought it was too close to home, but the environment appealed to me in a way no other school did. It was the first acceptance letter I received, and I was so excited that I called my best friend to tell her all about it. As a high schooler, though, I didn’t know what I wanted. I was too scared to commit. I was ready to leave yet scared of the unknown, smart yet unmotivated, and unsure. Maybe you’re different – maybe you’re driven, prepared, organized, and ready for whatever comes your way. Either way, the next four years is a journey of growth and possibility no matter what.

Despite much back and forth, I finally decided on Purchase. I had never taken a tour (not recommended!), and my first time on campus (other than that show at the Stood) was my Orientation. And, despite my absolute fear of the unknown, I dove right in. When I finally landed at Purchase, I felt safe, warm, and welcomed. There are athletes, artists, dancers, performers, writers, academics, actors – the campus has an aliveness to it that is not easily replicated. I felt like I was able to try anything I wanted because there was finally a place that cultivated an atmosphere of openness, acceptance, and exploration of identity.

As soon as I got here, I built a community for myself. I had incredible friends who supported me and professors who wanted me to succeed even when I thought I couldn’t. I took classes ranging from beginner introductory courses for topics like Literature and Anthropology all the way to things like Birth and Death and Sociology of the Body and Embodiment. I was so excited, and grew more engaged than I had been in my entire high school career. Although I came in Undeclared, I eventually became a Sociology and Anthropology double major with a minor in Media, Society, & the Arts, which allowed me to take the skills given to me within the classroom outside of the classroom. It made every moment one of practice and engagement.

At Purchase, I always felt a warm blanket of “you’ve got this!” from my peers and professors. I opened myself up to creativity and possibilities and learned that there was a world of potential inside of myself. I felt more at home and more self-assured than I ever had. I learned more about myself and my identity that I chose to ignore before coming here. As a senior, here’s something I wish I knew as a freshman (or, cliché as it may be, the good old days) – Purchase isn’t JUST a college. It’s a home, a shoulder to cry on in the hard moments, and a warm cup of coffee with the best people ever. It’s where I was safe enough to dye my hair pink and blue and purple and green, it’s where I was able to explore what I wanted out of academia. It’s where I learned how to just BE. I owe Purchase a lifetime of thank you’s for holding me to my potential for four years.

I know this decision ahead could seem larger than life, but I’m sending you the best of luck. Remember: choose what makes you happiest, choose what feels like home.

With luck and warmth,
Christie Marfia
’17 Sociology and Anthropology Double Major