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We’re Hiring Ambassadors!

January 24, 2018
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    Emma Corcoran, ’18
    Psychology Major from Brooklyn, NY

by Emma Corcoran ’18, Psychology Major and Sociology Minor from Brooklyn, NY


After giving myself two semesters to adjust to being at Purchase College and managing all that goes into being a college student, I decided to start looking for on-campus jobs not only to pay some bills, but also to gain experience and step outside of my comfort zone.

As a freshman, I was very uncomfortable socially and was generally very shy. I turned to my best friend for some advice, and they explained that to me they were an “Admissions Ambassador.” A what? They explained how they meet new people every day, assist in hosting events, and work with others to help prospective and incoming students throughout their application process. I was interested, but didn’t think there was any way I would ever be able to guide people around campus, know tons of facts about Purchase College, or even walk backwards! Scary!

Alas, they encouraged me to give it a shot and I landed an interview. The Admissions Building was a very quiet but comfy place, and the people who work there were (and are!) extremely nice, which helped with any nervousness I had. I was thrilled to be hired as an Admissions Ambassador! Things started slow and I built up my confidence and speaking skills like I never thought I could.

I’ve been working as an Admissions Ambassador for two years now, and I’m definitely able to do all of the things that I said I couldn’t do. I’ve learned to manage my time better, speak in front of crowds, work with a team of Ambassadors, and yes, even walk backwards!

This position has allowed me to learn more about the application process and students’ mindsets as they approach their college search. Additionally, I’ve been able to help students go through this process and figure out if Purchase is the right fit for them, which was been extremely satisfying and rewarding!

Apply Now

If you’re a current Purchase College student, please consider applying to become an Admissions Ambassador. We’re looking for responsible, articulate current students (from all majors) who are enthusiastic about Purchase! You can apply for the position via JobScore (just make sure you do so before the deadline of February 28, 2018!)

And for all of you prospective and recently accepted students out there: keep all of this on your mind as you start your journey at Purchase! Maybe in a year or two we’ll see you become an Admissions Ambassador, as well!