R.S.S. Feed Calendar Help from livewhale.helpdesk.com

RSS Feed REST LiveURL Parameters 

You can constrain the events in your feed by using parameters. Most of this information is from RSS and iCal on livewhale.desk.com Jul 23, 2015 10:44AM PDT .



You may use and repeat include or exclude group parameters as often as necessary to construct the desired output. All group parameter repetitions are considered as OR. The groups of “me” and “Public” will not result in returned content due to their special status.

  • /group/[group name]/
  • /exclude_group/[group name]/


Like group parameters, tags inclusions and exclusions may be repeated as often as desired. However, because items may be tagged with multiple tags all matching defaults to an AND relationship unless you add the /tag_mode/any/ parameter to force an OR relationship.

  • /tag/[tag name]/
  • /tag/[tag_name]/tag/[tag_name]/
  • /exclude_tag/[tag name]/
  • /tag_mode/any/


For events only, category inclusions and exclusions and matching relationships behave identical to tags above.

  • /category/[category name]/
  • /category/[category_name]/category/[category_name]/
  • /exclude_category/[category name]/
  • /category_mode/any/


You may execute full-text searches with the terms provided.

  • /search/[term or terms]/


You may use LiveWhale Places to gather content that has been geo-located. Location combinations typically only require a location (has_location) or relate the content returned to a specific location and radius (near_location and near_distance used together).

  • /has_location/[true or false]/
  • /near_location/[LiveWhale Place id]/
  • /near_distance/[miles distance in decimal]/


Finally, you may use the following two parameters to limit the returned content by quantity or starred status.

  • /max/[integer]/
  • /only_starred/[true or false]/


  • /tag/rock/Only include items tagged “rock.”
  • /tag/roll/Only include items tagged “roll.”
  • /tag/rock/tag/roll/Only include items tagged “rock” and also tagged “roll,” e.g. an AND relationship.
  • /tag/rock/tag/roll/tag_mode/any/Only include items tagged “rock” or “roll,” e.g. an OR relationship.
  • /category/Performances/Only include events categorized as a Performance.
  • /category/Performances/category/Important%20Dates/Only include events categorized as a Performance AND as an Important Date.
  • /category/Performances/category/Important%20Dates/category_mode/any/Only include events categorized as a Performance OR as an Important Date.”

URL Encode and Decode

Using URL encoding and decoding makes it easier to read:


The URL encoded link on our website:


This URL was decoded using a mini web application Meyerweb’s decoder and encoder :

exclude_group/Web Admin/
exclude_tag/Exclude from Calendar/
category/Open to the Public/
header/News Open to the Public Events

Easier to read and write URL parameters

This RSS link pulls in events from the calendar with the following parameters:

  • exclude_group/Web Admin
  • exclude_tag/Exclude from Calendar
  • category/Open to the Public
  • header/News Open to the Public Events