Educators are drawn to Purchase by our students and the college’s reputation as a dynamic learning environment. The proximity of our campus to New York City also helps to attract distinguished faculty who might otherwise not be found in a school of our size.

To retain these top-notch educators and recruit others of their caliber, Purchase College must be able to offer competitive compensation packages and security; prestigious fellowships, grants and awards; support for research and scholarly or artistic projects; ongoing professional development; adequate coffers for the equipment and supplies needed in the classroom; and resources for student engagement beyond the classroom.

Significant reductions in state funding over recent years have made Purchase College more dependent on private philanthropic investments to address these fundamental requirements.

Purchase College ranks among the top public baccalaureate schools for the number of alumni who have received PhD’s in the biological, psychological, and social sciences.

Faculty endowments are strategic investments in an institution’s creative capital.

Distinguished Academic Positions

Distinguished academic positions that are funded by private gifts have an incredible impact on Purchase College and create a lasting legacy for the donor.

Endowed Faculty Chairs, Professorships, and Instructors are the gold standard for recruiting and retaining faculty in higher education. They enable our deans and academic leaders to assure top scholars and creative professionals of ongoing financial security, prestigious recognition for past and potential contributions, and means for the development of current projects.

Alongside endowments, faculty support grants are valuable resources for Purchase College. These important awards advance new fields of study, bolster research, foster the creation of new artistic works, and promote student engagement.

Strengthening STEM is a top priority.

STEM Coursework

STEM coursework—collectively, Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math—trains students how to approach, analyze, and develop solutions to problems.

Expanding our STEM programs, particularly for underserved and minority students, ranks among Purchase College’s top priorities for the near future. We will provide the type of guidance and faculty interaction that is necessary for all students to be successful. Even those not on track to become a scientist or engineer will graduate better prepared to enter the workforce or pursue an advanced degree.

This initiative will succeed only with a combination of public and private sector funding. Five federal agencies have recently demonstrated their confidence in our science programs by financing scholarships, infrastructure, and facilities projects with grants exceeding $2.6 million. Private backing for faculty, equipment, and materials will sustain the progress. This combined program support will enhance our ability to recruit, retain, and better serve those students who have the passion and talent for math, biology, chemistry, environmental and other science programs.

More Information

For more information about a gift to support Purchase College faculty, please contact Tracy Calvan, Director of Development, via e-mail ( or phone (914.251.6038).