The Wellness Center offers programs and services that holistically address different areas of wellness and health—intellectual, environmental, vocational, social, emotional, physical, financial, and spiritual. Focusing on prevention, the Wellness Center assists students with stress reduction, management of their emotions, living mindfully and awareness of how things like sleep, nutrition, exercise and substance use can impact their quality of life. A highlight of the Wellness Center are the  free Yoga classes established to help students learn to be present in their bodies, find a substance free method to reduce stress and encourage relaxation.

The Wellness Center also provides confidential substance abuse counseling as well as prevention programming for Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drugs to help reduce access and use of illegal substances, reduce negative outcomes associated with substance use and increase student success and academic engagement.

Programming and services
  • Individual voluntary counseling for Alcohol, Tobacco or Other Drug (ATOD) use, overuse, dependency and addiction.
  • Group wellness education (substance education) classes mandated by the Office of Community Standards
  • Alcohol and other drug assessments mandated by the Office of Community Standards
  • Prevention and awareness programming
  • Assesses the needs for alcohol, tobacco and other drug use prevention and intervention at Purchase College.
  • Bystander intervention training and workshops, also done in collaboration with the victims advocate (prevention and awareness programming)
  • Yoga “for a natural high” classes
  • Weekly meditation groups
  • Holistic health discussions, workshops, and programs
  • Mindfulness instruction, discussion. and workshops (awareness and programming)
  • Wellness Shock tent (during Culture Shock) to offer students a substance-free fun zone
  • Residential and campus wide programming in the following areas of wellness: physical, intellectual, vocational/occupational, financial, emotional, social, environmental and spiritual
Wellness counseling

The Wellness Center provides confidential individual substance abuse counseling for Purchase students who want support with Alcohol, Tobacco or Other Drug (ATOD) use. The Wellness Center also provides mandated counseling or substance use classes for students who have infractions with the College Alcohol Tobacco or Other Drug Policy.