Wellness @ Purchase offers students a resource to help them live well at Purchase College. The Wellness Center offers programs and services covering the different areas of wellness and health of the whole person—intellectual, environmental, vocational, social, emotional, physical, financial, and spiritual. It focuses on preventive topics to help students reduce stress, manage their emotions, live mindfully, and be aware of how things like sleep, nutrition, and exercise can positively affect their quality of life. The center also offers a full yoga schedule “for a natural high.” Yoga helps students learn to be present in their bodies, find a substance-free method to reduce stress, manage their feelings, and relax.

Programming and services
  • Individual counseling for alcohol or other drug (AOD) misuse, use, and addiction, and support in related areas
  • Group wellness education (substance education) classes mandated by the Office of Community Standards
  • Alcohol and other drug assessments mandated by the Office of Community Standards
  • Prevention and awareness programming
  • Healthy relationships (awareness programming)
  • Bystander intervention training and workshops, also done in collaboration with the victims advocate (prevention and awareness programming)
  • Yoga “for a natural high” classes
  • Weekly meditation groups
  • Holistic health discussions, workshops, and programs
  • Mindfulness instruction, discussion. and workshops (awareness and programming)
  • Wellness Shock tent (during Culture Shock) to offer students a substance-free fun zone
  • Residential and campuswide programming in the following areas of wellness: physical, intellectual, vocational/occupational, financial, emotional, social (culture, society, family, community), environmental, and spiritual
Wellness counseling

The wellness counselors provide information and current research findings, classroom presentations, cessation programs (including “smoke-free” programs), and referrals. These services are designed for students who:

  • seek confidential counseling and education about the effects of high-risk alcohol and other drug use on their physical, mental, emotional, and social well-being
  • want support for sobriety and/or recovery
  • are concerned about the use of alcohol and/or other drugs by a roommate, friend, or loved one
  • and/or grew up in an environment of alcohol/drug abuse
  • and/or are mandated to attend a substance use class or mandated assessment due to infractions of the college’s alcohol or drug policy