Several volunteer groups support the work of Purchase College. The Purchase College Affiliates support the college overall, while the Friends groups focus on support for specific academic units:

  • Friends of Art+Design
    Membership in the Friends of Art+Design provides opportunities for the college’s noted visual arts program.
  • Friends of Dance
    Membership in the Friends of Dance offers the opportunity to support the Conservatory of Dance and its dynamic professional training program.
  • Friends of Humanities
    The Friends of Humanities is a community of learners dedicated to the educational enrichment of the School of Humanities at Purchase College.
  • Friends of the Library
    The Friends of the Library support the mission of the Library, which is to support the teaching, learning, and research of the college’s faculty, students, and outreach community.
  • Friends of Music
    The Friends of Music is a membership organization that provides a margin of excellence for students enrolled in the college’s Conservatory of Music.
  • Friends of Natural and Social Sciences
    The Friends of Natural and Social Sciences help enhance public awareness of the quality of the science programs at Purchase College as it provides research opportunities for our students.

Purchase College Affiliates

The Purchase College Affiliates is a special volunteer group that brings together the interests of the community and the needs of the college. The Affiliates provide volunteer and financial support to many college programs and activities, encouraging and promoting productive and rewarding relationships between the college and its students, and the community and its citizens.

Purchase College Affiliates Grants Program

Affiliate membership fees support the only campus-wide grants program that funds initiatives of students, faculty, and staff. This unique program often supports campus projects and college needs that otherwise might not be funded. The Affiliates’ grants program focuses on the college’s students and campus life. It seeks projects that will enhance the quality of student life, and the potential to benefit many students is a major criterion. Over the years, the wide range of projects funded by the Affiliate grants program has served to encourage communication and cooperative projects among students, faculty, staff, departments, and administrators.

The current maximum is $800 per grant.

Applications are typically due in February; a call for applications, with the deadline and detailed information, is distributed via email early in the spring semester by the Purchase College Affiliates. Examples of funded projects include:

  • honoraria and transportation, visiting artist series
  • symposia featuring professionals in the film and media industries, with following Q&A sessions and receptions
  • receptions for end-of-year student film screenings
  • blackout curtains for the freshman acting studio, and a portable LED projector
  • two portable-on-demand storage containers (PODS) to collect unwanted but usable items, restore them, and offer them free to campus members
  • stipend and supplies for student artists to create works for permanent display on campus
  • events to help prepare students to obtain postgraduate opportunities


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