Diversity makes us stronger and smarter. We respect, encourage, and promote all aspects of human difference- whether in terms of background, interests, age, race or stage of life. Diversity enriches our lives and the educational experience: it invigorates conversations, awakens curiosity, and widens perspectives.

Collaboration makes our expertise more powerful. Partnerships and alliances, both within and outside the SUNY system, have a multiplier effect. When our campuses join forces with each other and with organizations outside of SUNY, we amplify our expertise, resources, and geographic reach in new and often unexpected ways. When we acknowledge common goals and approach problems in a spirit of reciprocity and flexibility, we achieve more than when we labor alone.

Embedded within the Plan are Six Big Ideas, all of which outline why “diversity counts” and how it plays a significant role in each of the initiatives.

To learn more about the SUNY core values, please visit the SUNY website at: http://www.suny.edu/powerofsuny/